Convert *.VOB File(s) to *.mkv


concatenate the VOB files... make sure you keep the order, and omit menus and

other titles.

cat VTS_01_*.VOB > VTS_01_n.VOB

inspect the big VOB

using -analyzeduration and -probesize can help to detect streams that start

later in the file, such as subtitles

ffprobe -analyzeduration 100M -probesize 100M -i VTS_01_n.VOB

remux VOB to MKV

'-fflags' will generate new timestamps, as many DVDs will throw a "Can't write

packet with unknown timestamp" error. the '-map 0:*' arguments will include

all video, audio and subtitle streams. '-c copy' will prevent any encoding,

and simply remux the media

ffmpeg \ -fflags +genpts+igndts \ -analyzeduration 100M -probesize 100M \ -i VTS_01_n.VOB \ -map 0:v -map 0:a -map 0:s \ -c copy \ VTS_01_n.mkv