Troubleshooting Cronicle

Waiting for Master

If cronicle doesn't start, and you see "Waiting for master server...", then you might need to fix the configuration.

Note that it takes Cronicle 60 seconds to decide to become master (in case another instance is master), so you'll need to wait for 60 seconds at startup.

If it's in this state for longer, then see the response from jhuckaby here.

Run Setup

/opt/cronicle/bin/ setup

Check the Server is Listed

/opt/cronicle/bin/storage-cli.js get global/servers/0

node -e 'console.log(require("os").hostname());'

Fixup the Config


Do not change the number of elements in the list, only rename an element.

/opt/cronicle/bin/storage-cli.js edit global/servers/0