Setup Bitwarden

NOTE: Bitwarden takes a lot of liberties with it's access to docker... it's probably best to run it on a (virtual) machine of its own...

curl -Lso
chmod +x

During the "install", you will be asked some questions...

  • "Enter the domain name for your Bitwarden instance:"
    • Give the domain name and port if you need one.
    • ${HOSTNAME}
    • ${HOSTNAME}:${PORT}
  • "Do you want to use Let's Encrypt to generate a free SSL certificate?" - no
  • "Do you have a SSL certificate to use?" - no
  • "Do you want to generate a self-signed SSL certificate?" - no
./ install

Fixup the following keys in ./bwdata/env/global.override.env:

  • globalSettings__mail__smtp__port=465
  • globalSettings__mail__smtp__ssl=true
  • globalSettings__mail__smtp__password=XXX

Optionally, add admin email addresses too, separated by commas if necessary:

  • adminSettings__admins

Finally, start:

./ start