Show and Tell Schedule

I am regularly hosting live "Show and Tell" style interviews! If you might like to participate, please get in contact!

The show is open to anyone who would like to talk about their projects (originally I was saying "could broadly be described as tech", but I'm even not sure I want to be that restrictive).

Upcoming Guests

Nobody is lined up... please get in contact if you'd like to join me!


I'm running a weekly "Show and Tell" interview / stream. The idea is to give people a space to talk about themselves - anything and everything from the story of how they got to where they are today, to the deep details of a project that is important to them. I keep seeing people doing awesome stuff, and I want to provide a space to get excited and talk about their ideas and interests in depth - we're talking nerd levels of detail if they want. There's no need to stick to a particular category and there's absolutely no need for guests to be super advanced - beginners are totally welcome too, and I'd love to hang out with you! My initial idea was to focus this towards the less experienced folks, but I appreciate they may be more nervous of talking publicly, and I don't want to dissuade or cut anyone out - you're all valid, and you're all welcome. I'm sure my guests will know more than me about most of the things that come up, and that's perfect. I'd love to hear about difficult projects, failures, and any lessons learnt.

If you're excited about something, and if you want to talk about it, please get in contact!

Past Guests

The full YouTube playlist is here , and a list of past guests is below:

# Date Guest Social Watch
39 11th Apr '23 Clemens Mayer (aka MAKER MAKES)
38 4th Apr '23 Emily Kahl
37 21st Mar '23 Matt Campbell
36 14th Mar '23 Ryan Castellucci
35 7th Mar '23 Bryan Cantrill
34 28th Feb '23 Seon Rozenblum (aka Unexpected Maker)
33 21st Feb '23 Rick Altherr BMCs, FPGA Tooling & Collection
32 7th Feb '23 Tom Fleet
31 31st Jan '23 Bradley Gawthrop Pipe Organs, Electronics, Self-led Learning
30 24th Jan '23 Joe Grand Mischief, Reverse Engineering, Security Training
29 17th Jan '23 Anne Barela State Dept, Learning Materials, IBM PC/AT
28 10th Jan '23 Brent Rubell Obsolescence, LoRA, No-Code Devices
27 13th Dec '22 Sylvain Munaut (aka tnt) FPGAs, ICE40, E1, DOOM
26 6th Dec '22 Andy Piper Communities, Developer Advocacy, MicroPython
25 29th Nov '22 Dave Darko Dodecahedron, LEDs, Hacking IM-Me
24 22nd Nov '22 Liz Clark (aka Blitz City DIY) Music Tech, Pi-Cow, Modular Synth Quantizer & MIDI
23 8th Nov '22 Rachel Mant (aka dragonmux) Electronics Projects, SPI Flash Programmer, Black Magic Probe
22 25th Oct '22 Carrie Sundra (aka Alpenglow Industries) Electronics, Product Development, Crowdfunding, Fun Learning
21 18th Oct '22 Steph Piper LED Strips, Soldering Kits, Party Button
20 4th Oct '22 Andrew Tierney (aka Cybergibbons) Phyiscal & Electronic Security
19 27th Sep '22 Thea Flowers Modular Synths, P&P Brains, Art Tooling
18 20th Sep '22 Jana Marie Hemsing Multi-Room Audio Device, Ultra-Wide Camera
17 13th Sep '22 Sabine Wieluch (aka Bleeptrack) Creative Coding, Generative Art, Lasercutters
16 30th Aug '22 Richard Sewell Interactive Installations for Festivals
15 23rd Aug '22 Nick Poole SparkFun, Vaccum Tubes, Injection Moulding
14 16th Aug '22 Sam Underwood Experimental Musical Instruments!
13 9th Aug '22 Joey Castillo LCDs, Watches, Low Power, Manufacturing
12 2nd Aug '22 Sol Bekic Hexagons, Keyboards, Prototyping in a Fablab
11 26th Jul '22 Scotty Allen (aka Strange Parts) Concussion recovery, and new workshop
10 19th Jul '22 Konrad Beckmann Nintendo 64, FPGAs, Glasgow, Raspberry Pi Pico
9 12th Jul '22 Jason Coon LEDs! Fibonacci arrangement, art PCBs, FastLED
8 5th Jul '22 Guy Dupont Shift to hardware from software, revitalizing vintage tech
7 28th Jun '22 Greg Davill Thermal aerial photography, design for embedded Linux, home automation
6 21st Jun '22 Chris Fourie Prototyping for Biomedical and more
5 14th Jun '22 Graham Sutherland EMF Camp '22 projects and Lasers!
4 7th Jun '22 Matthew Venn Working with, and designing for ASICs
3 31st May '22 Debra Ansell (aka GeekMomProjects) LEDs & 3D Printing
2 24th May '22 Kit Grande Game Art, 3D Modelling, Jewelery
1 17th May '22 Timon Skerutsch Electronics, Education, Product Design