Show and Tell Schedule

I will be hosting live "Show and Tell" style interviews, every Tuesday!

Upcoming Guests

Date Time Guest Social Watch
17th May 2022 10pm BST Timon Skerutsch
24th May 2022 10pm BST Kit Grande
31st May 2022 10pm BST Debra Ansell (aka GeekMomProjects)
7th June 2022 3pm BST Matthew Venn
14th June 2022 10pm BST Graham Sutherland


If you might like to participate, please get in contact!

The show is open to anyone who would like to talk about their projects, so long as it broadly fits into the "tech" category - electronics, music, art, mechanical, etc... (it's a long list).


I've been thinking about this for far too long, and I've mumbled about it a few times over the years... and now I've finally done something about it! I am putting together a weekly live stream, where a guest comes on, and we talk about nerdy stuff. The sessions will focus on the guest and their projects - I keep seeing people doing awesome stuff, and I want to give people the space to talk about their ideas and interests in depth - we're talking nerd levels of detail if they're comfortable / up for it. There's no need to stick to a particular category, aside from "could broadly be described as tech", and there's absolutely no need for guests to be super advanced (beginners are totally welcome too, and I'd love to hang out with you!) My initial idea was to focus this towards the less experienced folks, but I appreciate they may be more nervous of talking publicly, and I don't want to dissuade or cut anyone out - you're all valid, and you're all welcome! I'm sure my guests will know more than me about many / most of the things that come up, and that's perfect. I'm delighted that I've started building up a schedule, and I hope to have many more fantastic guests in the future.

For some quick examples of topics, we're talking really broad - ancient tech, super modern tech, digital / electronic arg, music, welding, mechanics, robotics, games, shaders, video codecs, cameras, displays, wireless, etc... that list goes on, and on... If you're excited about it, and if you want to talk about it, please get in contact!