I really enjoy working on projects. Much of what I do is software oriented, but I also enjoy electronics and other hands-on opportunities.

  • Software projects
  • Hardware projects
  • Other projects - such as hybrid hardware & software projects, or even completely non-technological projects

To-Do List

Here is a list of projects that I want to do, some are partially implemented as proof-of-concept, while others are mere ideas:

  • Repository management system. Needs to handle: git, hg, svn, cvs, fossil, etc... Provide simple mirroring and update features, etc...
  • Plant pot water level sensor. Raises an alarm when the plat needs watering - perhaps even one day turn on a tap too??
  • Pulse Oximeter. I've always liked the idea of developing medical equipment, this sounds easy, and I'd like to have one!
  • Smart PC Power Control/Monitor. I've got a basic power control and monitor setup for my PCs, but I'd like to develop this to a less prototype-esque state. Key features are remote power state monitor and control, and remote reset. The module acts like physical switches and runs on it's own... sort of like HP's iLO and Dell's DRAC, but as a retro-fit accessory.