Re-flashing an XBee Module

If you have ever managed to break your XBee module, then fear not! A simple re-flash has worked for me many times.
This has certainly worked a couple of times from my Series 1 radios. But I don't see why it wouldn't work for others!

Here's how:
  1. Connect a wire to pin 5 (reset) and leave the other end floating for now
  2. Open X-CTU
  3. On the 'PC Settings' tab, tick the 'No baud change' box
  4. On the 'Modem Configuration' tab, select the appropriate settings (In my case XBP24, Version 10CD)
  5. Tick the 'Always write firmware' box
  6. Click 'Write'
  7. It complains because your XBee is dead!
  8. Take that wire you attached to pin 5, and ground it
  9. Let the wire float again
  10. X-CTU does some magic
  11. X-CTU finishes it's magic
  12. Take the wire and ground it again
  13. Let the wire float again
  14. Click 'Read'
  15. Hopefully that worked :)
  16. By the way... the default baud rate is 9600 8N1!