A Brief History of libxbee

libxbee has been developed in 3 distinct phases - version 1, 2 and 3. For more information on the development and implementation of libxbee, please see the indepth history and internal functional overview pages.

An overview of each major version is given below.

libxbee v3

Development period: Feb 2012 - ongoing
Git repository: GitHub | Bitbucket
Binary releases: Download from Google Drive
  • Licensed using LGPLv3
  • Full support for XBee Series 1, 2 (ZigBee), 2.5 (ZNet), 3, 5 and 6B (WiFi) modules
  • ZDO support library in development (for use with Series 2 modules)
  • Tx status reporting
  • TCP/IP interface sharing
  • Sample code and applications
  • Man page documentation
  • HTML documentation (http://doc.libxbee.attie.co.uk/)
  • Support site (here!)
  • C++ interface class
  • Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and OS X support

libxbee v2

libxbee v2 is now obsolete and unsupported.

Development period: Nov 2011 - Feb 2012 (3 months)
Git repository: GitHub
  • Full support for XBee Series 1
  • Substantial support for XBee Series 2 (ZNet)
    • Modem Status
    • Local AT
    • Remote AT
    • Data
    • Explicit Data
  • Tx status reporting

libxbee v1

libxbee v1 is now obsolete. No support will be provided, and you are strongly encouraged not to use this version. The source is only provided for completeness and as a reference.

Development period: Oct 2009 - Oct 2011 (2 years)
Git repository: GitHub
  • Substantial support for XBee Series 1
  • Very limited support for XBee Sereis 2 (ZNet)
    • Data connections (not explicit)