Getting Started

I've had quite a few people getting in contact asking for support with the initial setup and configuration of libxbee. As a result, I felt that it would be worthwhile writing this guide. libxbee is very straight forward, once you understand the principals involved.


  1. Is there anything I should know before I dive in?
  2. How do I get the source code?
  3. Can I download compiled binaries?
  4. How do I get it running on my OS?
  5. Which modules should I use?
  6. How should my modules be configured?
  7. Creating connections
  8. Using connections
  9. Advanced connections
  10. Running some samples

Other Resources

Running some samples

If you're new to libxbee, I recommend running and understanding some samples in the following order. These samples are designed for use with XBee Series 1 modules, and therefore the "xbee1" mode.

  1. Local AT - to make sure your setup works.
  2. Remote AT - to make sure you understand addressing, and that your network is operational.
  3. Data - To get something useful working.