Getting Started

I've had quite a few people getting in contact asking for support with the initial setup and configuration of libxbee. As a result, I felt that it would be worthwhile writing this guide. libxbee is very straight forward, once you understand the principals involved.


  1. Is there anything I should know before I dive in?
  2. How do I get the source code?
  3. Can I download compiled binaries?
  4. How do I get it running on my OS?
  5. Which modules should I use?
  6. How should my modules be configured?
  7. Creating connections
  8. Using connections
  9. Advanced connections
  10. Running some samples

Other Resources

Can I downlwnload compiled binaries?

Though binaries are available, and they should work, but it is always preferred that you compile libxbee yourself.

Yes! Releases are available from the sources below.

Google Drive These are the "official" releases. These builds follow the public release of libxbee on a commit-by-commit basis.