Getting Started

I've had quite a few people getting in contact asking for support with the initial setup and configuration of libxbee. As a result, I felt that it would be worthwhile writing this guide. libxbee is very straight forward, once you understand the principals involved.


  1. Is there anything I should know before I dive in?
  2. How do I get the source code?
  3. Can I download compiled binaries?
  4. How do I get it running on my OS?
  5. Which modules should I use?
  6. How should my modules be configured?
  7. Creating connections
  8. Using connections
  9. Advanced connections
  10. Running some samples

Other Resources

Asking for Help

When asking for help with libxbee, please follow the points on this page. If you don't I'll likely reply with a link to this page.

libxbee Google Group

Please review past questions on the libxbee Google Group. If your query isn't there, then feel free to post questions to the group! Keeping all questions public will help to get a self-supporting community, and will allow new users to get quick answers to common questions.

What to Include in the Request

Details about your problem

It will save us both time if you can try to give as much information as possible. The following list could be used as a starting point.

  • Please tell us about your system
    • What OS are you running?
    • Are you using the C++ interface (or another)?
    • Are you trying to make use of other libraries in conjunction with libxbee?
    • How are you connecting to the XBee? USB adapter? TTL UART?
    • Are you cross-compiling?
  • Tell us what the error is and where you're seeing it
    • Is it an error while compiling?
    • If it's a runtime error:
  • Tell us about what you've tried to solve your issue
    • Have you made yourself a small application to check that you're doing the right thing? - Include it!
  • Tell us about any uncertainties you have
    • Are you unsure about how you're doing something?


I have a name, and I'm sure that you have a name! Please use them, even if it's an avatar! It gives a much nicer and more personal feel to the communications.