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My Quad Copter

Photo by flberger - Source

I have set out to build myself a quad copter, from scratch. I plan to design and build the ESCs, Control Board, and all accompanying software. This is intended to be a huge learning exercise that will give me skills in areas that I have always wanted to visit, but so far have not had the chance.

  • PCB design
  • High power electronics
  • Complex mathematics (and implementing it in software)
  • Long range, redundant, communications
  • ...and many more areas that I am yet to discover

To find out more about my project, click here, or follow my progress.


I have been developing a 'support' type section of my website for libxbee. It can be found here. The most useful part of this is aimed at newcomers - the Getting Started Guide. I am still writing it, but would really appreciate any feedback that you can offer.

Happy hacking!


I have recently started devloping another library - libjson. When complete, this library will provide a C/C++ API for parsing, building and accessing data stored in JSON format. I have a bit of information on this site here.